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  • Doctor Consultation in our centers are at designated timings and across multiple specialities. Please contact us for further details to schedule a consultation.

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  • Advanced Diagnostic Centers

    We use the latest technologies and procedures for high quality and ultra-precision diagnosis.

  • Qualified Doctors and Staff

    Talk to our world class consultants across specializations to discuss your diagnosis and plan your treatment.

  • Trusted by 4 Million+ Patients

    Our adherence to quality and international standards makes us a trusted name in diagnostics.


Periodic health check-ups help in identifying any underlying health conditions faster and enable us to address it early. We offer a wide range of specialized health packages to monitor your health.


  • It was a pleasure to visit Lucid Medical Diagnostics. I have worked in the laboratory for 30 years in the U.S.A and found the quality, dedication, and expertise at Lucid to be very impressive. The entire staff are very polite and extremely helpful. I am amazed that the high standards that have been achieved in only a few years. Please continue the good work that you are providing for the community. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to have a tour of your lab.

    Dr. Marciasingeetm

    Regional Medical Technologist
    U.S Embassy - New Delhi

  • It is such a pleasure to get my annual health checkup done at Lucid. The service, comfort, friendliness of the staff, hygiene, and professionalism should be an eye opener for other diagnostic centers. Highly recommended!

    Amit Sharma

    VP Human Resources

  • I am very impressed with the way the Center is setup and run. It is in every way consistent with international standards. I feel very comfortable sending my patients here.

    Dr. Padma Achanta

    Physician Assistant
    American Consulate

  • This is a truly world class facility and a blessing for NRIs like us who do not have access to such quality centers back in Kenya.

    Kanti Shah

    Holiday Bazaar, Nairobi

  • Very good center star facility. You all young directors, at this early age you are doing very good business & service to the Humanity which I am doing at the age of 57.

    V. Govindarajan

    Aarthi Health Care, Chennai


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