Interventional Radiology

Radiology is developing and deploying a unique and novel combination of imaging, therapeutic and navigation technologies which together make up the Multimodality Interventional Radiology.

Interventional Radiology (I.R) is at the cutting edge of modern medicine and has brought significant improvements in patient care. IR procedures are more convenient for patients as they are done mostly outpatient basis. They are Minimally Invasive and non surgical procedures causing less pain, less disfigurement, no scaring and with shorter recovery time. These procedures involve least complications with high success rates.

We request you to include Interventional Radiology in your regular protocol and refer the suitable patients. We promise we will take at most care of your patients and deliver the positive results.

We can work together for the benefit of the patient to deliver the best results possible.

Various procedures in interventional radiology-:


  • FNAC
  • Biopsy- tru-cut/core
  • Abnormal collection diagnostic tap / Aspiration

F.N.A.C / Biopsy / Aspiration

Whenever a clinician suspects some abnormal tissue/collection by clinical examination or imaging modality, a FNAC / Biopsy/aspiration is requested. FNAC/biopsy/aspiration is a procedure using a small needle/biopsy gun to remove a piece of tissue from the affected organ or surrounding tissue for examination. FNAC / Biopsies/aspiration are done under Computed Tomography (CT scan) or Ultrasound Image guidance. Common areas biopsied are the lung, liver, kidneys, breast and adrenal glands etc.Common aspirations being ascitic, pleural and psaos abscess


  • Drainage of abnormal collections.
  • Pig tail drainage catheter placement for recurrent or large collections.
  • Percutaneously biliary drainage. ( P.T.B.D)
  • Percutaneously nephrostomy.(P.C.N)
  • Radio frequency ablation / Microwave ablation- destruction of tumor tissue through heat energy by introducing a small needle into the tumor .it can be useful to treat tumors of lung, liver, breast, kidney, and bone tissue tumors. For eg –HCC – Osteoid Osteoma etc
  • Microwave ablation of thyroid benign tumors.
  • Pain therapy- Nerve blocks to reduce chronic pains.
  • Intra vascular Catheter placements – for continuous chemotherapy/ dialysis/ or antibiotic therapy – central lines, PICC lines, perm catheters, dialysis catheter placements.
  • Endovenous laser/radio frequency/ microwave ablation for varicose veins.
  • Drainage of abnormal, recurrent or large collections in the body – pigtail placements for recurrent ascitis/ abscess – psaos etc.
  • Embolization and angioplasty of bleeding or stenosed vessels.
  • IVC filters for pulmonary thrombosis.