Lucid Teleradiology provides accurate, decisive, directive and definitive reports and proactive consultations that referring physicians insist upon for delivering outstanding care to their patients. The quality of our reports is a direct result of the teamwork of more than 15 dedicated, experienced subspecialty teleradiologists.

Meeting physician and patient needs and generating new referrals must be balanced against the realities of the radiologist shortage and cost control. Access to a subspecialty teleradiology network is clearly a key factor in solving the demands of physician needs, increasing revenue, and staffing cost control. High volume lab services such as cell counts, cytology and histopathology are processed at remote site and results made available on line with considerably short turnaround time.

3D Post Processing Services

  • General 2D/3D post-processing and reconstruction
    • MIP, MPR, Reformats
    • Volume, Velocity measurements
  • Neurology & Cardiology: MRI & CT
    • Angiography image reconstruction
    • Cerebral Intra-cranial & Extra-cranial Angio
    • Pulmonary Aortagram, Renal and Peripheral
  • Arteriograms
    • Oncology
      • Soft tissue modeling, oncology volume
      • Evaluation of post-op/post Radiotherapy cases
    • Surgical Simulation in 3D
  • Overnight or Delivery within 24 hrs

Diagnostic Services

  • 2D/3D reconstruction and post-processing services
  • Preliminary “Initial” Read of CT, MRI, US
    • Preliminary reading of various CT/MRI images
    • Sub-specialty expertise as required (neurology, cardiology, oncology, etc.)
  • Final Read of CT, MRI, US
    • Initial read of images covering most major specialties and modalities.
    • Final report performed either at customer location or remote location.
  • Night, weekend, and daytime overflow services
  • 24x7x365 basis
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Nighthawk services with 30-60 minute response time as required by customer
  • Weekend Support