The Importance of An Annual Health Check-up

December 19, 2017
Healthy Lifestyle

Our lives in the modern times have become too hectic with little time for personal interests or personal care. Juggling career family and everyday needs leaves us with little, if any, time to focus on our health and assess if our body needs additional attention, nutrition or care. In such busy times where our focus is mostly on issues other than our own health – it is very easy to miss some of the red flags that our body may be highlighting. We are so engrossed in day to day challenges that the challenges of the body are at best ignored, and at worst never put aside.

Most health issues of today are related to our lifestyle, and almost all of them are better diagnosed and treated if the condition is detected early enough. However, as we’ve well established none of us seems to have the time to focus on health and early detection almost seems impossible. In the absence of time, and lack of early detection we leave ourselves exposed to certain avoidable health emergencies, which could have been prevented or at least have been detected early to ensure a better diagnosis and treatment.

A periodic, say Annual, Health Check-up is a great step in this direction and helps both you and your doctor assess your long-term health issues. An annual check-up is also a comprehensive exercise with in-depth assessment of the vital health parameters and personalized checks based on your previous health history.

Over the long term, an annual health check-up provides you with a comparative health history which can give indicators of the ailments that can affect you in the future. This helps you take appropriate preventive measures and arrest any health complication in the nascent stage itself.

A comprehensive check is also vital from the point of view of ascertaining health challenges at a very early. This allows your doctor to conceive a comprehensive treatment plan that minimizes the risk of aggravating the condition further and mitigates additional complications.

An annual health check-up is a must given the fact that our lives have become progressively unhealthier. There is a greater incidence of environmental pollution and increased propensity towards conspicuous consumption of unhealthy diet. The lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of several lifestyle related ailments. Each of these conditions have symptoms that are almost identical and difficult to tell apart. Unless a comprehensive health check-up is undertaken it is impossible to ascertain the exact condition you may be suffering from.

Considering all the above factors, it is a must that we take a serious, periodic and comprehensive annual health check-up. In the long-term this check-up will ensure that the quality of your life does not diminish with increasing age. And even when there is a health emergency with the history of your annual check-up you have comprehensive information & reports available for the doctors to make informed decisions for your health.

As they say, it is better to prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent – an annual health check-up helps you better prepare and better prevent any health complication.

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